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Mindfulness at Work

Working might be tiresome for few people if they do not like the job.

Each day seem very long.

Kick-start in the morning, positive energy is a must to face the challenge throughout all day,But not for them, they feel overwhelm stress just to go to work.

Life is a choice.

If you don’t like the job, leave it. Find job that you love to do.

Realistically, life is not that simple. You can’t actually leave the job easily if you don’t like it.

Not simple especially if you have a commitment, family.

“Well, I can find another job”

If only that simple you can get a new job that you like.

Facts show, people average had to wait at least 6 months to get a job.

So, what can you do overcome the stress work, you’ve been doing ?

Be mindfulness.


Here are 5 tips to mindfulness at work

#1 Aware with the thing that makes you stress

A lot of task, rigid work makes worker stress.

#2 Be mentally ready about the work that you don’t like

Do a list about the work that you don’t like.

Plan a timetable, how much time should I spend today to do the work that I don’t like.

Like it or not, its compulsory for you to it. I mean thats why you being pay right ?

#3 Reward yourself after you finished your work.

Like me, music always being my favorite reward. After I finished work that not favorable, music will entertain me back.

#4 Don’t run from it

As I mention earlier, like it or not, it’s a must for you to do it.

So don’t try to detain the work. Try to finish it progressively.

#5 Find something that make you enjoy to work

Good colleague or maybe the culture in the office makes you happy come to the office even you don’t like the job.

The point is, being grateful to what you love first rather than thinking “how hate am I about the job”.


It’s important to enjoy the process if you know where you will be heading.

Stress is a part of the process. Be mindfulness about it !

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