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Portfolio of Nik Muhd Aliff

Nik Muhammad Aliff. Living and working at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Digital marketer forte in content marketing. Marketing that actively doing are Facebook ads, email marketing, chatbot automation, article writing for blog and copywriting.

Article writer, trained by Puan Ainon Mohd, chairman of PTS and adviser of Ainon Business School. Write using a Kawakita Jiro method and persuasive language.

Learning about design thinking and six thinking hats by Dr Edward De Bono through Puan Ainon Mohd, books and internet.

Entrepreneur, selling variety of product on Facebook and E-commerce store.

Below are work portfolio for the past 3 years.

Email Marketing

Seminar Intrapreneurship





Mengurus Bisnes Enterprise (MBE) Course

More than 100 email marketing for Innolearn (tips, product news & event)


Article Writing For Blog

Community Blogger for Thrive Global Blog

19 Article for Blog


Thinking Blog Blog

Marketing & Selling Campaign For Digital Product

Business Management Tools

1. MBE Courses

2. Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) 

Human Resource, Finance & Kindergarten

Event Marketing

1. Seminar Intrapreneurship

2. Seminar Urus Staf Ramadan Edition


Facebook Advertising

1. Event 

Seminar Intrapreneurship

2. Innolearn

Marketing for products. (SOP & Courses)

3. Starpark Business Services

Lead Generation Campaign.


Chatbot Automation

Automation for Tips & Product News


Social Media Post

Below are the sample of FB Posting :

Fb Page :

Fb Page :

Fb Page :

Fb Page :


This sum up work portfolio for the past 3 years.

Work portfolio was from company ABS Edu Consult, Innolearn, ABS Business Services, Starpark Business Services, Good3 FMS.




Digital Marketer | Entrepreneur Writer, trained by Puan Ainon Mohd, Chairman of PTS and Adviser of Ainon Business School. Enthusiastic about writing. Write using Kawakita Jiro method and Persuasive Language. Digital Marketer forte in Content Marketing. Marketing activity that actively do are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing and Content Marketing. Entrepreneur. Started selling variety product and services on Facebook until develop own E-commerce website.